Cleantech Innovations from Finland

Cleantech Innovations from Finland


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SmartWatchers advanced measurement technology allows property owners to tackle indoor air problems as they occur

Tamturbo - Oil free compressed air as a service belongs to the future of industrial production

Toihan’s solution increases process awareness in pulp and paper industry

Altum Technologies solves a global fouling problem worth billions

Welmu International impacts the plastic waste problem with wood based biodegradable plastic film

Gasera - Internet of Things revolutionizes the monitoring of air quality and gas emissions

Nordic 247 disrupts the cooling industry with an electrically powered innovation not considered possible

Solnet Green Energy - Reducing the electric costs and gaining tax benefits with solar energy as a Service

Sulapac - Plastic waste problem drives cosmetics manufacturers to move towards biodegradable packaging

Biolan - The next level of recycling biowaste with an IoT-enhanced compost

Naava fights indoor air hazards with the combination of intelligent technology and natural resources

Machine learning enables the tracking of work environment and indoor air quality data - 720 Degrees

The LED technology provided by Easy LED brings sustainable light to the Goliath Crane of Meyer Turku

Fourdeg’s smart project connects water radiators to the cloud

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